BurnCam Medical

Connecting Patients & Providers with Augmented Telemedicine

The Expert Scarcity Problem in Burn Care

"Less than 50% of burns are accurately diagnosed by referring doctors. It’s expensive"

- T. Rutan, RN Administrator at UHNJ

"We all know non burn clinicians overestimate burn size"

- Dr. A. Cochran, Burn Surgeon at OSU

"Our current [transfer] system is clunky. I want a way for referring docs to send images to my phone."

- Dr. D. Carter, Burn Surgeon at MMC

Augmented Telemedicine Services

Access Experts

Connect to specialists with video and chat using computer, tablet or mobile

Patient Privacy

We ensure that your communication is encrypted and your personal data is private

Value for Care

Telemedicine reduces uncessesary visits and travel, saveing time and money.

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BurnCam's Team
Orion Wilmerding
Jabier Cartagena, MS
CEO & Full Stack Developer
CTO & AI Developer
Engineer with 2 years experience designing next gen burn treatments. Works in software security
Senior Raytheon Electrical Engineer with expertise in AI and building and leading engineering teams
Our Mentors
Roy Miller, Ph.D.
Barb Finer, MSA
Bob Farra, MS
Philippe Sommer, MBA
Former VP of Business at 3Derm
Teleradiology & Marketing
Medical Devices Including HW/SW
HSE Entrepreneur in Resident